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Filmmaking is more than an art.  It’s multiple art forms woven into one thread to tell stories in the most engaging way possible.  It’s storytelling, it’s writing, it’s music, it’s visual art, it’s digital art.

It’s all these things.  

Just like a chef is more than a cook, we are more than videographers, or camera operators, or editors.


We are filmmakers.

The tools we use have changed over the years.  And even though they will continue to change, and we must adjust and adapt with them, the art and science of filmmaking still bank on methods that are tried and true.

But change is good!

No longer do we have whole rooms dedicated to editing that cost over $50,000.  No longer do we need big, heavy cameras, expensive lighting, or large crews to tell good stories.

We all have the ability right in our pocket.

That means YOU can be a filmmaker now.  And you should be! You should share your stories with the world and use this beautiful medium to do it.

But it is still challenging to make a great video, especially if you’ve never done it before.

You might be overwhelmed by all the new gadgets, not know which platform to post the video to, or you might just be too busy!  It’s okay if you need help. That’s why we’re here.

Knowing what storytelling techniques and equipment to use can be daunting when creating a short form video or video series for your business.  But, used in the right way, video marketing can be the most effective way to spread your message.

What we do first is help you establish the THREE THINGS necessary for a successful video:


Goals like “sell more product” or “get more likes on Instagram” or “raise awareness” are super common, but also super broad.  We need to narrow it down to a specific goal for your video or campaign.  This will require a conversation about what makes your business unique, what specific results you want to see, and how to measure those Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


Despite not needing large numbers of people on set to make a great video, it is still very much a team effort.  You have your team and we have ours and a lot of time the titles of roles can be confusing.  What exactly is a producer, anyway?  And why are there so many different types?  This video will explain some of the regular roles you’ll see in the filmmaking process.


To be successful at any strategy, you must understand the process.  Each step must prepare you for and lead you to the next step.  There is a simple rule we abide by: put in more work in the planning stages, so that things move smoothly down the line. There will always be unforeseen challenges, but the more prepared you are, the better. Here is a quick guide of the filmmaking process for you!

Once we’ve addressed these three things, it’s off to making beautiful videos that speak to the hearts of your target audience with authentic emotion, unique visuals, and powerful narratives.

Clients usually ask, “How much does a video cost?” or “How much do you charge?”

Check out this video for the answer:

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